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Welcome to Rhuallan Raptors!  
Here you can find many ways to take part in Falconry. We offer Educational Talks, Flying Displays, Static Displays, Hunting Trips, Falconry Food & Equipment or a Photography session.

You can take a course of lessons to learn how to keep a bird of your own or you can have a display at your Wedding, event or show.

Flying a Falcon
Flying a Falcon


Rhuallan Raptors are proud to be a course provider for The Raptor Awards. We offer lessons and assessments on a one to one basis, so you can work at your pace. Contact us for more information on this award.


We can offer you educational talks at your venue from primary schools to basic first aid and emergency care of sick or injured birds of prey.

Female European Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
Female European Kestrel Falco tinnunculus

Rhuallan Raptors are working in conjunction with a local professional photographer to offer Bird of Prey Photography Workshops. Learn how to photograph our birds in various locations in the beautiful Scottish countryside and see them up close and still or flying free and natural.

Please get in touch to discuss your plans or ideas and we will help get you the package that suits your needs.

Rhuallan Raptors also retails Falconry Equipment and Food – prices and stock can be found on our sister site Falconry Shop Scotland.

4 Star
The Rowans 4 Star

The Rowans is a 4 Star self-catering cottage that sleeps up to 5 people, next to Rhuallan Raptors where you can come and enjoy the beautiful South Lanarkshire countryside. You can even bring your own bird with you, where else offers that service?

flying magnificent birds of prey